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In Spain, Sweden and Denmark I have created three places that stimulate, provoke and project your process for personal and professional development. They are marked by serenity and austerity - expect that and you will not be disappointed.

Olvena Village, the Pyrenees, Spain

Despite its captivating beauty in the gorges of the Spanish Pyrenees, the village of Olvena is challenging to both mind and body. The steep slopes compell you to reduce your usual pace, both driving and walking. The house with its peculiarities of being built into the rock of the mountains demands your attention - you will knock your head or feet at least once during your stay, if you are not mindful of your movements. 

The griffon vultures that breed on the steep cliffs above the village, circle above your head, remind you of their ancient symbolic meanings. The place demands your attention and urges you to reflect. The few villagers only speak Spanish and you will be left in peace if you so wish, but helped if you need it. The house is under continous refurbishment, presently adding a terraze on the roof. Expect austerity and serenity and you will not be disappointed.

Issjöa Trollagården, Småland, Sweden

The Danish term for a Swedish cabin or lodge is Ødegård, meaning "isolated farmhouse", which is exactly what Trollagården is. The nearest neighbour constitutes the lake and a quiet farm 1km away. The cabin is heated by fireplaces and cooking is primarily done over a woodstove (gas is available, but the trick is to do all the cooking as in the olden days). The house has normal toilet, but no hot water, which means that bathing is done by heating water on the stove (and helping eachother). The dried out water well works as fridge. Trollagården is sure to challenge your patience and forces you to minimize your dependency on modern world facilities.  Surrounded by the best in Swedish nature, Trollagården stimulates your senses. Daily visits are paid by hare, deer and crane, geese (in summer). Nightly visits are paid by wild boar and if you are observant and quiet, you may see the moose, who is a frequent guest. Ospreys have nested by the lake for the last decade. Indoors there may be occasional visits by mice which you can (or will learn to) handle. The outdoor opportunities are countless: bonfires, fishing (local license), rowing on the lake, hiking or just detoxing from tolls of work and the city - comfortably or painfully (depending on who you are) adjusting to the cabin and nature.

Lake Haraldsted, Sjælland, Denmark


An old rebuilt farmhouse in a cosy village in the beautiful Danish countryside. The house is at 10 minutes driving distance from the larger city Ringsted. Right outside the driveway you will find a walking / mountainbike trail (app: Ringsted Oplevelsessti), which takes you along Lake Haraldsted, passing shelter and camp fire sites, activities and historical points of interest. The house has a large garden and all modern facilities and is ideal for retreats or corporate strategy days, requiring contemplation. The table seats 8 people comfortably. The house has two bedrooms with double beds.  If you need a longer retreat or you are in a personal transition period, you may find renting the house useful to take you from one place in life to another.


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